On this market since 1950, we are pioneers in our sector and we are constantly improving our performances, always with a look at the future. During time we improved our work by using most up to date techniques and by participating in research and experimental projects. The production takes place in our group’s farms, about 400 ha of land farmed according to integrated and organic standards, in order to satisfy the growing requests by world markets of quality and environmental sustainability. We try to increase the period of presence for our products on the market and we ensure, thanks to our good storage capability, a continuous supply of products much appreciated by our clients. The facilities where we process and store our products cover an area of over 30,000 sq m, 7,000 of which are indoor. These facilities are in Noicattaro (Bari), Apulia’s center of fruit and horticultural production in, with special focus on table grapes, that is the most important product in our offer to the market. Our structure allow us to meet commercial requests of all markets and to face the complex needs of large-scale distribution. We love our products, and that’s why we are committed to offer our customers, in Europe and around the world, the best of our land.